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Neck problems?

Is your neck tense, do your feel pain or just want to do something good to your body? Then it is time for you to test the Intelligent neck massager. Say hello to our innovative professional-grade massage device.


  • Increase your beingwhile the massager improves your blood flow
  • Improves blood flow, through different electrode vibrations
  • Relieves cervical pain, because the blood vessels, muscles and bones are relaxed
  • no more pain in the cervical spine, because the vibrations succeed up to 5cm under the skin

Say goodbye to pain in cervical spine.

  • Low-Zyklus Pulse Technology. The vibrations and the heat are up to 5 centimeters unter the skin and opens meridians so that the pain of the cervical spine gives way.

Relieves cervical pain

  • Constant heat massage. Hot compresses up to 42°C /120°F in seconds, which relax the blood vessels, muscles & bones, boost blood circulation & relieve cervical pain.


Inteligent automatic

  • Auto-Off Funktion. With the integrated auto-off function, the device automatically goes into standby mode after 15 minutes of use to give you and the device security. If you do not have enough, you can restart the device and enjoy your neck massage.
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